Saturday, June 12, 2010

100 PoS #65 Refill Fresh Water Fish Tank


I got some new fish at Petsmart to keep the other three guppies company and we did get the snails we had been promising Emma since she was sick!

100 PoS #43 Clean out Refrigerator (like new)


Jeff did this one all on his own. With no help from me, and he even did it without being told! Because he is a great hubby! The before is a little bad, so if you have any small children in the room, particularly those who do not like veggies, have them leave the room now. ( pun intended)

BEFORE                                                                       AFTER

100 Pos #40 Get Rug for Living Room


Well, we put hardwood in the living room for my birthday present back in February (Thanks Mom & Kenny, you know the way to my heart!) However, they are hard and it is difficult to let Emma play on the floor because she will bump her head and get hurt. So, one of the PoS was to get a new rug! Done deal! There were some nice rugs for sale at Dollar General that were durable, and just plain. I do not want anything super special. These ones were $12 and they did more than the trick. No before, just the after.

100 PoS #34 Build bookcase for Man Loft


So Jeff totally helped with this one. We were in Target, and they had wire storage shelves for sale! For $15! They were black and looked great for Jeff's Man Loft. So we got one for the kitchen, and for his loft. Super easy to put together, and we did not even need any tools. (the best part) So here are the before and afters!


100 PoS #25 Weathering all Doors


So this project was a major win! As it only took some sticky weathering material which I purchased from Lowes! Super cheap (less than $5) and will save us tons of money in the long run. Be sure to clean (and dry)  the area you wish to apply it to before you set the sticky on it!

100 PoS #24 Clean out Hall Closet


So I was on a mission once I cleaned out the bathroom closet, the hallway closet was now my aim! This went really well, as it use to store my tools and now I have a tool box in the basement!

BEFORE                                                                        AFTER             

100 PoS #22 Clean out Bathroom Closet


So the bathroom closet it our "throw it there" place. That is changing because it was out of control. You could not even see that there was a shelf in the closet! So I spent a whole night organizing, cleaning and scrubbing!

BEFORE                                             AFTER


I got this awesome wire rack from Wal-mart for about $10 total splurge but worth it!